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Helping Our Telecom Clients to Transform,
Grow, and Thrive

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CMG partners with Telecom companies to increase customers and accelerate revenue.
With 25+ years of experience in B2C and B2B growth, strategy, and execution, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

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Our Telecom and Broadband Work:
We Support the Entire Product Lifecycle with In-Field Experience

Strategic Development

Customer Segmentation

Developed a national segmentation strategy to guide U.S. Connectivity initiatives

Opportunity Assessment

Identified best fit strategic opportunities based on segment needs, market impact, and capabilities

Acquisition Diligence

Telecom diligence initiatives where CMG developed forecast models to inform buy decision

Product Development

Evaluated the market opportunity and developed offerings to drive new growth

Execution & Optimization

Retention Management

Developed customer programs to increase engagement and retention

Go-to-Market Planning & Launch

Launch strategy and GTM support for breakthrough new revenue opportunity

Pricing & Revenue Analysis

Analyzed performance and competition to optimize pricing value

Customer Engagement

Defined and executing social media strategy
for 5G offering

Our Experience Spans Customer Segments and Models, Telecom Infrastructure, Products, and Geographies

Our Clients

Case Studies

A New Mobile Service in a Crowded Marketplace

Carving out a sustainable opportunity in an intensely competitive market with a compelling proposition and launch plan

Rebranding for Transformation

Modernizing a brand that provides critical infrastructure through the delivery of transformative broadband

B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media for Network Deployment

Developing a strategic approach to optimize Samsung’s 5G launch through digital marketing and social media strategies

Meet our Professionals in the Industry

Mark Chinn


Stephan Mcphail

Senior Consultant

Ray Taylor

Analytics Lead

Mark Schweitzer


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