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How We Help

At CMG, we believe that change is the only constant and transformation is how you change. See how we can help.
Explore and Launch New Business Ideas
Sharpen Your Operational Edge
Harness Your Data to Take Action
Highlight Your Unique Truths
At CMG, we believe that change is the only constant and transformation is how you change. See how we can help.

Explore & Launch New Business Ideas

See around corners, plan for constant change, and increase your ability to stay ahead of your customer’s expectations.

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Explore & Launch New Business Ideas

Identify New Market Opportunities

Identifying and capitalizing on the opportunities that make sense for your business is the key to growth. Delivering the confidence to make those layered decisions is what we have done for more than 20 years.

We partner with you to define customer needs, assess competitors, and evaluate internal capabilities to provide actionable insights that will help navigate the critical decision-making required for new growth opportunities.   

How We Help

  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Customer & Prospect Segmentation
  • Buyer & Customer Journey Mapping
  • M&A Due Diligence

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Developing clear and actionable insights to guide a new business market entry decision

Design Integrated Go-To-Market Plans

Change is constant, and it is magnified in today’s challenging marketplace. Being able to take advantage of an opportunity requires a launch plan that not only considers change but embraces it.

Our experience informs our ability to consider and plot all possibilities, communicate and integrate across the organization and ultimately design a plan that delivers on customer expectations and captures the opportunity in front of you.

How We Help

  • New Product Development & Launch Planning
  • Channel/Partner Development Strategy
  • Marketing/Communications Planning

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Developing an integrated  marketing plan to drive awareness, interest and trial for a new platform as a service offering

Accelerate New Product / Service Launch

Delivering a plan that considers all possibilities allows you to confidently accelerate towards launch.

We partner with internal stakeholders to provide cross-functional leadership, executional support and project management that removes silos, and to converts possibility into action. We embed ourselves within your team to ensure the accelerated delivery of value for your customers and success for your business.

How We Help

  • Product Management
  • Internal Launch Strategy & Execution
  • Field Training & Support

See How We've Done It

Carving out a sustainable opportunity in an intensely competitive market with a compelling proposition and launch plan

Sharpen Your Operational Edge

Transform Marketing Mindset and Methodologies

Today’s changing marketplace requires you to adapt from “the way we’ve always done it” in order to maintain success. With over 10 years building practical agile marketing expertise, we know how to help you keep your ever-evolving customer at the center of your decision-making process.

We guide you in reframing your perspective and adapting from the way you’ve always done it, so you can meet your customer where they are going, not where they’ve been.

How We Help

  • Marketing Needs Assessment
  • Agile Marketing Deployment
  • Organizational Design & Solution

See How We've Done It

Assess and Optimize Marketing Techniques

An overwhelming number of marketing technology solutions exist and promise “greater customer engagement.” We partner with you to better understand this landscape and identify what technology can best support your business and meet the expectations of your customers.

Our practical, on-the-ground experience can guide assessing and implementing solutions that will help you generate actionable insights, remove friction for your customers and ultimately improve the experiences you’re creating for them.

How We Help

  • Marketing Technology Assessment
  • Marketing Technology Ecosystem Design
  • Marketing Technology Identification & Procurement

See How We've Done It

Using marketing technology to accelerate personalization, growth, and an e-commerce transformation

Drive Agility and Cost-Effective Engagement

Most strategies fail because they are too rigid and do not allow you to integrate learnings along the way. Effective customer engagement in today’s dynamic marketplace requires continued learning and improvement to meet expectations.

We partner with you to develop and execute a Micro-Action experimentation approach to generate insights and build a winning strategy that lets you work faster, smarter, and deliver ongoing value to your customers.

How We Help

  • Micro-Actions (Rapid Experiment Design & Execution)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

See How We've Done It

Adopting a new mindset and establishing an agile way of working to improve member outcomes

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Harness Your Data to Take Action

Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making

Having access to data is no longer a competitive advantage. All organizations have access to tremendous amounts of customer, operational, and transactional data. Understanding how to best use that data to make better, more timely decisions and deliver for your customer is today’s competitive advantage.

We know how to organize, assess, analyze, and convert critical data you have into actionable insights to guide your path forward.

How We Help

  • Digital Marketing Effectiveness Assessment
  • Marketing Performance Measurement
  • Strategic Pricing Research
  • Subscriber Modeling & Analysis
  • Revenue Impact Modeling
  • Operational Forecasting
  • Loyalty Program Performance Analysis
  • Pricing Performance Analysis & Strategy Development

See How We've Done It

Defining and executing a dynamic marketing plan from end to end to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

Accelerate Learning via Structured Experimentation

The relentless pressure of today’s competitive marketplace demands quick decisions and real-time results. To stay a step ahead in today’s market, you need to quickly collect, analyze and leverage a myriad of data to engage with your customer and prospects more effectively.

We partner with you to improve access of that data and build short experimentation cycles to rapidly uncover key learnings and drive continual improvements in your customer and prospect engagement efforts.

How We Help

  • Analytical Resource Augmentation
  • Digital Experimentation Design & Execution
  • Digital Campaign & Usability A/B Testing
  • Engagement Treatment Experimentation
  • Awareness Channel Performance Testing

See How We've Done It

Taking small, purposeful actions to continually learn more about members and their expectations

Highlight and Magnify the Voice of Your Customer

The voice of your customer is a critical input to effectively meet expectations and deliver successfully.

We partner with you to map out ways to capture those perspectives through design and execution of primary research. The result is a process built to uncover insights that drive “customer centricity”, keeping your customer at the center of all your decisions. And ensuring consistent focus on delivering rich experiences and engagements to build brand affinity and advocacy.

How We Help

  • Brand Health Research & Performance Tracking
  • Custom Primary Research - Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Customer/Prospect Pain Points & Unmet Needs Assessment
  • Customer/Prospect Behavioral & Attitudinal Segementation
  • Conjoint & Discrete Choice Modeling

See How We've Done It

Building, conducting and leveraging primary research to inform in-depth industry reports

Highlight Your Unique Truths

Enhance Your Brand Story

The strongest brands build customer connections that begin with authenticity and go beyond the transactional. Connections that foster engagement, produce loyalty and drive bottom-line growth.

In our experience, taking an outside-in/inside-out approach will align your organization’s mission, vision and values with your customer’s journey. Intersecting it at critical moments that will enhance your brand and its appeal.

How We Help

  • Brand Value & Health Assessment
  • Brand Evolution & Optimization
  • New Brand Development and Naming
  • Brand Messaging & Guidelines
  • Internal/External Launch Strategy & Execution

See How We've Done It

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Connect and Engage People

With a multitude of touch points and resources available to today’s customer, each interaction matters more now than ever. If expectations are not met, customers will move to the next competitor that is promising 'more'.

We partner with you to define and execute a plan that builds engagement, satisfaction and loyalty throughout the full customer journey, so that you can make the most of every interaction.

How We Help

  • Buyer & Customer Journey Mapping & Design
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention Program Development
  • Channel Engagement Optimization

See How We've Done It

Better anticipating customer needs along their care journeys with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

Convert Interest Into Results

Engaging with the right audience, in the right place and at the right time is the first step in converting interest into results. Traditional offline engagement channels have taken a backseat to digital channels that are better equipped to deliver the experience today’s consumers expect.

We guide you in assessing your current capabilities in this digital-first marketplace, so that you know where evolution is necessary to drive growth for your customers, teams, and business.

How We Help

  • Digital Health Assessment
  • Digital Performance Optimization
  • Digital Spend Optimization

See How We've Done It