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About Us

We believe your success is the only success that matters and are committed to helping your business grow.

Think + Do + Move

We commit to uncovering the best ideas and understanding how they enable your success.

Our consulting process converts possibility into awareness and understanding into realized results.

Through combined thinking, implementation, and agility our clients know they can rely on us for honest and customized solutions that drive business growth.

Our Story

CMG was founded in 1998 with a simple mission: help clients grow through a unique combination of thoughtful strategy and sharp execution.

CMG has led category-changing marketing strategies with clients from Fortune 50 powerhouses to startup ventures across numerous industries, including communications, technology, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and consumer goods.

Our delivery to clients above and beyond what they expect has been the case since our inception in the dot com, telecom, and interim management space. It has kept us moving as an evergreen and ever-changing firm that has grown to encompass value delivery across new industries, practice areas, and in all forms of business consulting.

How We Partner

We partner to transform organizations challenged with the pressures of an ever-evolving landscape.  Our penchant to Think + Do + Move is a direct outcome of our passion for results and bias for action. It influences that way we work and motivates us to deliver our clients’ greatest successes.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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Culture at a Glance


We strive to provide an environment that fosters a culture of respect, where we encourage and celebrate individual abilities and perspectives. Respect enables ideas to be heard, theories to be tested, and growth to be achieved.


To understand each other and the world around us we must actively listen. We give each voice value and recognize that collaboration shapes a shared vision.


An ever-changing world demands continuous learning. We challenge ourselves to think critically, discover new ideas, and apply our learnings to challenges big and small.


Our commitment extends beyond our office walls. As a firm we are committed to each other, our clients, and the communities we live and work in.


A sense of community adds value to our life and our work.

By giving back, we do more than say we care about our community, we demonstrate it through our actions.

Through community outreach, a quarterly day of service, and firm wide activities, we invest in causes and organizations that make an impact.