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We deliver the art of the possible, partnering with you to create value and drive the change necessary to transform people, practices, and capabilities.
Harness data into action
Make decisions easy by getting your data to work for you.
Highlight your unique truths
Be your customers' preferred partner with best in class UX
Explore and launch new business ideas
Seeing around corners, anticipating change and winning in the market
Sharpen your operational edge
Transform your vision into reality with the right tools and mindset
Harness your data to take action
Take advantage of your available data and put it to work informing your decision-making, driving continual improvement, and enhancing your customer focus.
Highlight your unique truths
Build authentic connections, strengthen engagement and convert interest into results, so you can create growth for your customers, teams, and business. 
Explore and launch new business ideas
See around corners, plan for constant change and increase your ability to stay ahead of your customer’s expectations. 
Sharpen your operational edge
Reframe your team’s mindset, optimize marketing technology, and drive effective business agility to thrive in a dynamic marketplace. 

What Sets Us Apart

We are advisors, advocates and above all else, trusted partners that help you achieve results to improve your business in both tangible and intangible ways.

Our Work

Since 1998 CMG has partnered with some of the world’s fastest moving companies to transform their business and capabilities. Through innovative thinking, collaborative execution and an agile response to changing market dynamics, we can help you unlock overlooked or hidden growth potential.

Insight driven pricing analytics maximizes membership revenue while minimizing member attrition

Modernizing critical infrastructure through the delivery of transformative broadband.


Career Development at CMG: The 3 E’s of a Continuous Learning Journey

To support changing needs for our team and our clients, we’ve developed a cyclical learning framework at CMG focused on “the 3 E’s” – Expectations, Exposure, and Engagement. These three pillars support a collaborative, empowering, and ongoing approach to each CMG team member’s career development plan.

Guided by Our Culture

At CMG, our culture is rooted in two fundamental areas – our people and growing together – collectively, we focus on these two areas to guide us. Here’s how we’re doing it.


Digital Leapfrogging

Validate new business models with minimum viable products by just starting with a single line of code.


Mission Central: An approachable way to transform in Healthcare

A look back on what a year-long transformation feels like for a global healthcare organization, committed to delivering better outcomes for its people and patients.