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Transform. Grow. Thrive.

We deliver the art of the possible, partnering with you to create value and drive the change necessary to transform people, practices, and capabilities.

Latest Perspectives from the CMG Blog

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With Great Empathy Comes Great Marketing

Empathy is far more than a buzzword. Used correctly, it can drive deeper connections and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

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Measuring Your Organization's Maturity: The Five Levels

Ranging from functional to innovative, figure out where you are to know where you need to go.

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Approaching Organizational Integration

What’s your biggest priority? Consider a five-step approach that can help you quiet the noise and focus on what’s most important.

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Integrating your acquired products and services for monetization

How to incorporate what your organization has acquired and add it to your range of products and services.

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Mission Central: An approachable way to transform in Healthcare

A look back on what a year-long transformation feels like for a global healthcare organization, committed to delivering better outcomes for its people and patients.

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Knitting it Together - Enabling People, Performance, and Purpose Through Agile

The marketing function is an ideal champion to knit together an organization’s agile ecosystem.

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About CMG Consulting

We partner to transform organizations challenged with the pressures of an ever-evolving landscape.  Our penchant to Think + Do + Move is a direct outcome of our passion for results and bias for action. It influences that way we work and motivates us to deliver our clients’ greatest successes.

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Case Studies of Transform, Grow & Thrive

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The Project Management Approach to Research Insights


Optimizing and enhancing Deltek’s annual A&E Clarity Report through comprehensive project management and research expertise

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Digital Capabilities to Better Discover, Engage and Transact with Customers

Philips Lighting

Building a multi-year activation roadmap to a digital future state

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B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media for Network Deployment

Samsung Networks

Developing a strategic approach to optimize Samsung’s 5G launch through digital marketing and social media strategies

We're Helping Enterprises Transform, Grow & Thrive.

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Transform with Purpose

CMG has helped Fortune 500 clients navigate through the challenges of transformation to realize long-term continuous improvement.

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