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Transform. Grow. Thrive.

We deliver the art of the possible, partnering with you to create value and drive the change necessary to transform people, practices, and capabilities.

Latest Perspectives from the CMG Blog

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Pricing Optimization

CMG’s Stephen McPhail discusses a personalized approach to strategic pricing

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Cable Industry Assessment

Analyzing the current state of the cable industry and exploring how players are combatting decline across a variety of drivers

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Unlocking Success through Customer Value Optimization: A Strategic Pricing Guide

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, recurring revenue businesses have to balance affordability with value to attract and retain customers.

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Cable Growth Driver Series: Residential Opportunities

Unpacking residential growth opportunities including: Home Automation & Security, Prepaid Internet, and Streaming TV

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Tips for a Leading Your Team into a Successful Q4

Ensure that your team enters Q4 2023 strongly and finishes the business year with rigor using these tips

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Navigating Change with Agility

Change is the only constant in today's business world, and organizations must adapt rapidly to stay competitive.

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About CMG Consulting

We partner to transform organizations challenged with the pressures of an ever-evolving landscape.  Our penchant to Think + Do + Move is a direct outcome of our passion for results and bias for action. It influences that way we work and motivates us to deliver our clients’ greatest successes.

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Case Studies of Transform, Grow & Thrive

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Techniques for Effective Facilitation

Healthcare Insurer

Leading with emotional intelligence and driving outcomes through effective facilitation.

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Improving Audience Experience Through Agile Ways of Working


How the implementation of Agile Ways of Working improved collaboration, strategic focus, and patient experiences at a major healthcare center in the Pacific Northwest

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A New Mobile Service in a Crowded Marketplace

Xfinity mobile

Carving out a sustainable opportunity in an intensely competitive market with a compelling proposition and launch plan for a new $3B business

We're Helping Enterprises Transform, Grow & Thrive.

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Transform with Purpose

CMG has helped Fortune 500 clients navigate through the challenges of transformation to realize long-term continuous improvement.

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