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Transformation through Strategic Pricing

Transformation through Strategic Pricing

To maximize your revenue, price your offerings based on
what your customers value. Strategic pricing:

Requires you to understand how your products and services are valued in the marketplace

Takes into account the benefits considered and trade-offs made by key customer segments

Focuses on the purchase decision-making process to identify the features, benefits, and capabilities required to price accurately

Approach to Strategic Pricing

CMG uniquely pairs qualitative and quantitative research with financial analysis to help clients understand the culmination and intersection of the value contributed by each element of their offering mix – critical to maximizing pricing and revenue.   

Our clients have achieved up to 40% revenue growth while reducing member churn and maintaining engagement as a result of pricing optimization.

Establish a fact base and gain alignment on current state


We leverage primary and secondary research to uncover and surface what you are selling today and which customer segments are primarily responsible for delivering revenue. Insights and alignment on the current state are leveraged to develop initial pricing hypothesis.

Realized Value

  • Identification of current product/feature mix by customer segments
  • Identification of key sources of revenue and responsible customer segments

Develop Hypotheses Regarding “Why” Customers Choose You Today


Building off an established current state, we utilize qualitative research with current, former, and prospective customers to uncover the “why?” behind their purchase decisions and what they value, today and in the future.

Realized Value

  • Insight into the current customer purchase drivers and considerations
  • Informed hypotheses on potential new offerings, benefits, and services that might be attractive now, and in the future

Validate Hypotheses with Quantitative Research


Our informed pricing hypotheses are put to the test via Discrete Choice Modeling, which analyzes individual service and product variables to isolate those that are most and least valuable. Various feature and benefit pricing scenarios are developed to maximize value trade-offs being made by customers and prospects.

Realized Value

  • Informed pricing scenarios that increase the addressability of your current product and service offerings

Design Revenue Optimizing Pricing Solutions


Detailed financial analysis and modeling leverage the informed pricing scenarios and customer insights. They consider the impact from loading, unloading, migration, upsell, and cross-sell and provides one-, three-, and five-year revenue forecasts.

Realized Value

  • Validated pricing solutions that enable maximizing revenue and achieving strategic goals

See How We've Done It

Insight driven pricing analytics maximizes membership revenue while minimizing member attrition

Meet our Pricing Experts

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