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Accelerating Outcomes Needed to Thrive.

An organizational strength assessment that enables enterprises to quickly align and develop the focus, capabilities, and bias for change needed to achieve mission critical goals.
Find out your organization's Thrive Number

Tired of the “effort without progress” trap?   The most successful organizations strategically lean into their strengths while purposefully mitigating gaps and weaknesses in parallel.  Where most miss the mark is internal alignment on just what those strengths and weakness are.  The result – high levels of well-intentioned activity spread across the wrong priorities with little success.

CMG’sThriveNumber™ exposes and addresses this misalignment and the progress traps it creates. It uniquely assesses your organization’s performance on 30 key strengths spanning its ability to set strategy, execute strategy, and bias for change allowing you to align and focus efforts on the right things.

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Stop the effort without progress trap
What is ThriveNumberTM?
Key Strengths for Success

How it Works

Why ThriveNumber?

Enterprise without ThriveNumber

  • Lost effort, little progress
  • Disengaged teams
  • Missed goals
  • Declining revenue
  • Lack of strategic alignment

ThriveNumber-Enabled Enterprise

  1. ✓ Effort with results
  2. ✓ Transformed capabilities
  3. ✓ Aligned leadership
  4. ✓ Sustained revenue growth
  5. ✓ Invigorated teams

Client Success Stories

"ThriveNumber™ created a space for dialogue and alignment within our leadership team that was critical to our transformation journey. We were able to uncover where we are truly demonstrating strengths and where we have gaps that need to be prioritized and invested in. The insights and actions gained from this experience were invaluable." 
- EVP, Membership & Marketing at ACA

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