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ThriveNumber AssessmentTM

Score your organization's potential to realize its long-term business objectives. The higher the number, the higher the potential for an enterprise to sustainably thrive.
  • Free, 10-minute assessment
  • Personalized results
  • Identify the first steps of your transformation journey
How it works
Powerful Insights
Winning Strategies
Customer Engagement
Enabling People
and Technology
New Opportunities
ThriveNumber estimates the potential for an organization to realize it’s long-term customer-centric business objectives. A free,10-minute assessment evaluates performance across the five key drivers of Thrive to determine an overall ThriveNumber. The higher the number, the higher the potential for an organization to sustainably thrive.
Three steps to Thrive.
1. Assess Take the ThriveNumber assessment to understand your organization's current ability to thrive and where the greatest areas of opportunity are. After the assessment, CMG can help you further validate, diagnose, and prioritize gaps to achieving your future state business objectives.

2. Implement
Begin activation of a Thrive Roadmap by assembling cross-functional teams to inspect, adapt, and transform key drivers of Thrive. Teams use rapid experimentation and an agile mindset to continuously learn and improve.

3. Scale
Embed new capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and thrive. Use ThriveNumber to evaluate your progress and renew objectives, gaps, and roadmap as needed.