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ThriveNumber AssessmentTM

The world's rate of change is accelerating - and it’s not going to slow down. Some companies freeze and fall behind while others transform, grow, and thrive.

But where do you start?

CMG's ThriveNumber™ Assessment scores your organization's potential to realize its long-term business objectives.The higher your number, the higher the potential for your organization to sustainably thrive.

Drivers of

Your ability to Thrive depends on how you deal with longer lead cycles, shifting customer expectations, holding onto your best people, recalibrating performance, and more.

All while juggling new competitors and changing technology across different business areas.

Are you prepared to Thrive?

Powerful Insights

Unlocking Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights guide
your strategy and
decision-making and
enable you to engage,
win, and keep more customers

Winning Strategies

Developing Winning Strategies

Winning Strategies align your
capabilities with market trends,
customers, and competitive
dynamics to maximize
the impact of your resources
and investments

Customer Engagement

Improving Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement involves
the creation of relevant
and personalized experiences
that drive acquisition, customer
satisfaction, and revenue

Enabling People
and Technology

Enabling People and Technology

People and Technology Activation
involves cross functional teams
and the optimization of your tech stack
to help empower your people
with new capabilities to drive
engagement and propel growth

New Opportunities

Activating New Opportunities

New Opportunities arise when you
create effective go-to-market
strategies, generating awareness
and establishing credibility
in the market

Three steps to Thrive.

1. Assess Take the ThriveNumber assessment to understand your organization's current ability to thrive and where the greatest areas of opportunity are. After the assessment, CMG can help you further validate, diagnose, and prioritize gaps to achieving your future state business objectives.

2. Implement
Begin activation of a Thrive Roadmap by assembling cross-functional teams to inspect, adapt, and transform key drivers of Thrive.Teams use rapid experimentation and an agile mindset to continuously learn and improve.

3. Scale
Embed new capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and thrive. Use ThriveNumber to evaluate your progress and renew objectives, gaps, and roadmap as needed.