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Accelerating Outcomes Needed to Thrive.

A transformation system that drives the organizational alignment and bias for change necessary to achieve your mission critical goals.
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Missed goals, exhausted staff, and organizational upheavals are symptoms of deeper issues, rarely exposed and addressed. The result is an “effort without progress” trap that saps leaders of the clarity and alignment required to achieve enterprise goals.

CMG’s ThriveNumber™ exposes and addresses these issues and the progress traps they create. It uniquely challenges teams to discover, map, and address misalignment and impaired strengths.


Your team and direct reports take a15-minute survey evaluating performance across 3 key areas.

Ability to Set Strategy
Ability to Execute
Bias for Change
Ability to Set Strategy
Powerful Insights
Strategic Vision
Ability to Execute
Organizational Readiness
Stakeholder Engagement
Bias for Change
Understanding How to Change
Understanding Need to Change
Capability to Change

CMG utilizes ThriveNumber™ data analytics and a one-day workshop to surface and prioritize opportunities to improve organizational misalignment and strengths. Equipping leaders with the insights and action plans they need to help their enterprises win.

Alignment x Strength Spectrum
Misaligned team
Aligned team
ThriveNumber™ provides leadership teams and their organizations with the identification of:

ThriveNumber™ provides a change leadership methodology that organizes, orchestrates, and optimizes its improvement work over time. By periodically renewing the assessment of ThriveNumber success drivers and strengths, leadership can enhance both the transparency and honesty needed to achieve your mission critical goals.

Client Success Stories

"ThriveNumber™ created a space for dialogue and alignment within our leadership team that was critical to our transformation journey. We were able to uncover where we are truly demonstrating strengths and where we have gaps that need to be prioritized and invested in. The insights and actions gained from this experience were invaluable." 
- EVP, Membership & Marketing at ACA