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Transform. Grow. Thrive

Helping clients master the digital and human change necessary to drive successful transformation

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I want my business to transform so we can

create market advantage.

improve customer engagement.

deliver more, with less.

increase customer effective engagement.

compete better.

operate more efficiently.

enhance reputation.

achieve company growth goals.

drive company success.

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Transform with Purpose

Driving positive change across these four dimensions of transformation delivers better outcomes for customers, the business, and your team members. Working with CMG makes it possible.

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Becoming more customer-centric, digital first, and effective in the way you deliver

CMG team collaborating during quarterly meeting

People & Organization

Working cross-functionally to deliver better customer engagement and results for the business

Marketing & Technology

Streamlining your tech-stack while maximizing what sales and marketing can do on engagement channels

Analytics & Insights

Using analytics and insights to drive decisions and inform your customer engagement strategy

Transformation Process

Transforming a business is difficult. Often, there are high initial expectations which are quickly matched by a great sense of defeat. CMG has helped Fortune 500 clients navigate through the challenges of transformation to realize long-term continuous improvement.

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Better anticipating customer needs along their care journeys with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

Identify New Market Opportunities

Identifying and capitalizing on the opportunities that make sense for your business is the key to growth. Delivering the confidence to make those layered decisions is what we have done for more than 20 years.

We partner with you to define customer needs, assess competitors, and evaluate internal capabilities to provide actionable insights that will help navigate the critical decision-making required for new growth opportunities.   

How We Help

  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Customer & Prospect Segmentation
  • Buyer & Customer Journey Mapping
  • M&A Due Diligence

See How We've Done It

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