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Client Results:
Rebranding for Transformation

Modernizing a brand that provides critical infrastructure through the delivery of transformative broadband

New Brand for a Company on a Mission

Anterix, formerly pdvWireless, is on a journey to modernize critical infrastructure through the delivery of transformative broadband. This new mission requires a brand that captures their team's passion and communicates a story that resonates with their customers and partners.

Anterix rebranding announced on NASDAQ building in New York City.

"We chose CMG because they brought experience, credibility, and a genuine interest in hearing from us about the potential of our mission and business.

Anterix, our new brand, emerged from CMG's facilitation of a thoughtful process that they led with us. It culminated in a brand reveal and website launch that captured the imagination of our customers, employees, and shareholders. I would recommend CMG as a partner in your own branding journey."

- Executive Chairman Morgan O'Brien

The Challenge

The FCC was nearing a decision to broaden commercial use applications for their wireless spectrum assets, and Anterix desired to better position their business model. They needed to emphasize that Anterix enables utilities to deploy a modernized grid that is more secure, resilient, and 100% utility controlled. With this new focus, the business needed to align a new Brand, Name, Positioning, and Brand Identity to its new mission and target customer.

CMG's Solution

CMG collaborated with Anterix to define new brand attributes, select a new name, design a visual identity, create a brand platform, and develop an activation plan.

Step 1: Attributes

When we think of branding, visual identity (e.g., logos, colors, etc.) is generally the first thing that comes to mind. But brand elements extend beyond the visual and represent who your organization is and what it represents. For Anterix, the brand needed to accurately represent its new mission of modernizing critical infrastructure.

Through a combination of interviews, working sessions, and primary and secondary research, CMG and Anterix were able to collaboratively land on Anterix's core attributes – foundation, strength, and transformation.

Step 2: Name

The next step of the journey was to create a name that reflected the new brand identity and mission.

The team generated initial ideas based on core themes. They vetted ideas and eliminated those with potential conflicts and facilitated a final evaluation among Anterix's steering committee.

As trusted advisors and collaborative partners, CMG was well equipped to facilitate the creative process, manage all stakeholders, including cross-functional teams and third-party agencies, and build alignment through consistent communication.

Step 3: visual identity

CMG took to the task of building a new visual identity and logo that would embody the name Anterix and communicate the organization's new mission.

step 4: platform

Partnering with executive leadership, CMG delivered a full suite of branding and creative assets geared toward the company's new vision, including Brand, Name, Positioning, Messaging, Logo, and Visual Identity.

step 5: Activation

Lift off! CMG supported internal and external launch plans that announced Anterix to the world, culminating with a NASDAQ unveiling. Internally, experiential activities and informational tactics prepared employees for a new era. Externally, a new website, Investor Day support, and PR talking points brought Anterix's new mission to life.

CMG's Brand Work

CMG works within the fabric of your organization to elevate your business through brand transformation. By taking a wholistic view of your organization and its position in the market, CMG guides your business on its journey towards becoming a strong brand in a competitive market.

How can a strong brand help your business succeed in a competitive market?

Connect with Customers

Customer trust is critical to a strong brand, and it is important to discover how to best cultivate genuine relationships with your loyal customers so that they can advocate for your services and products.


Strong branding requires you to not only understand your position in the market, but also to portray your value clearly in a way that differentiates yourself from the competition.

Motivate Employees

A strong brand should create a symbiosis between its outward image and the work they deliver to the public. Creating this synergy involves motivated employees and ensuring that your company’s overall brand isn’t just an image but a way of working.

Allow the Business to Adapt

Strong brands aren’t created to remain unchanged, instead, they are flexible and look for opportunities to grow. A strong brand will provide credibility in the marketplace, allowing it to weather potential storms, and even capitalize on new market opportunities.

Strong Brands in a Competitive Market

A brand is the association people have with your product and company. As markets shift, competitors change, and consumer demands evolve, so will the perception of your brand. We approach your brand in 4 key ways:

CMG will determine your business and customer needs and how to align your brand to meet those needs.

Ongoing customer feedback is critical to maintaining brand health, and CMG can help your brand put these monitoring efforts into motion in a meaningful way to help your brand adapt and grow

CMG will work with you to measure your Net Promoter Score and utilize the results to ensure future customer loyalty to your brand.

Your brand identity is the association people have with your product and company, and CMG can help you shape this identity in concrete ways, including visual and messaging elements, to support your new vision and convey your message in a competitive marketplace.

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CMG has helped Fortune 500 clients navigate through the challenges of transformation to realize long-term continuous improvement.

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