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A New Mobile Service in a Crowded Marketplace

Carving out a sustainable opportunity in an intensely competitive market with a compelling proposition and launch plan

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National MSO
Break through the clutter to introduce a unique service and build awareness
End-to-end launch plan that helped exceed launch day projections

Entering a new market can be daunting, especially when that market is the ultra competitive, high spend consumer mobile service market. There are a lot of barriers to overcome and lot of factors that influence success, but it all starts with compelling proposition and a solid launch plan.

That is where we stepped in to help a client that we had long, trusting partnership with. In addition to the marketplace challenges, our client faced an internal challenge due to a lack of resources available to support this new wireless service.

Our end-to-end approach was four-fold:

1)   Develop a compelling proposition and messaging strategy for the wireless offering

2)   Define the go-to-market tactics to engage prospects

3)   Manage resource planning and allocation to support the launch

4)   Build an analytics platform that would sufficiently monitor the results

We partnered with our client to first develop the value proposition, positioning, targeting, and messaging strategy, which was directly followed by creation of the go-to-market plan that set the foundation for all marketing activities moving forward.

Knowing resources were a challenge, we embedded ourselves with the team and provided executional leadership to support across a broad range of marketing, research, data analytics, pricing, and channel initiatives.

This comprehensive, side-by-side approach proved to be instrumental in preparing the teams for a successful introduction of their new service. Which was validated on launch day when communications garnered over 300m impressions, 20,000+ visits to the website and most importantly, orders that netted a 2x lift over launch projections.