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A New Mobile Service in a Crowded Marketplace

Carving out a sustainable opportunity in an intensely competitive market with a compelling proposition and launch plan for a new $3B business

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National MSO
Break through the clutter to introduce a unique service and drive the customer journey from awareness through adoption
An all-encompassing launch plan that exceed launch day projections and led to $3B in annual revenue generation

Entering a new market can be daunting, especially when that market is the ultra competitive, high spend consumer mobile service market. There are countless factors that influence success and even more barriers to overcome – but it all starts with compelling proposition and a solid launch plan.

That is where CMG stepped in, to help a client that we had long, trusting partnership with. In addition to marketplace challenges, our client faced an internal challenge due to a lack of resources available to support their new wireless service.

The Challenge

One of the nation's largest Multi-System Operators (MSO) planned to launch a new mobile business as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). In addition to driving revenue growth, the new business would reinforce and benefit its existing home broadband business.

They required support to develop and execute a go-to-market plan to drive awareness of their brand as a wireless provider, introduce the new service to customers, and drive sales and adoption.

CMG's Approach

  • Bringing both new product and mobile expertise, CMG developed the new business' value proposition, positioning, targeting, and messaging strategy
  • CMG then created the Go-To-Market plan, setting the foundation for all marketing activities moving forward
  • CMG also provided execution leadership across a broad range of initiatives including acquisition, customer insights, data analytics, pricing, and channels

Our Impact

  • The new business' 2017 launch created a massive, nation-wide splash, generating over 300M impressions and over 20k web visits on launch day alone
  • Most importantly, customer orders netted a 2x lift above launch projections
  • And that was only the beginning as the growth continued strong – by the end of 2022, our client counted over 5M customers and generated $3B in annual revenue
  • Since 2018, its first full year of operation, revenue is growing at a CAGR of 36%
  • The newly launched business is now a critical component of the company's broadband strategy and overall retail business