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B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media for Network Deployment

Developing a strategic approach to optimize Samsung’s 5G launch through digital marketing and social media strategies

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Samsung Networks
Samsung’s network infrastructure technology and equipment business unit needed marketing support to begin 5G network trials with U.S. MNOs and subsequent market deployments. Samsung needed to quickly “ramp up” their social media presence with curated and custom content to establish its market leadership position.
CMG’s team successfully executed an expanded go-to-market plan and launched two new B2B-focused social channels – LinkedIn and Twitter. CMG has managed Samsung’s social channels with industry leading engagement and recognition amongst competitor peer groups for several years.

Samsung Networks sought to establish its market leadership position as a network infrastructure OEM for Tier 1 operators in North America for 5G and next-generation networks by creating and leveraging thought leadership and data-driven content development highlighting Samsung’s superior product and solutions performance for 5G networks. They needed a firm that understood technology and market segmentation to execute against:

  • How Samsung’s current technology strategy and holistic approach to the 5G marketplace makes them the technology-focused partner of choice.
  • The efficiencies in cost savings, environmental sustainability and network performance that operators can achieve using Samsung and their end-to-end ecosystem of products: from handsets to small cells to Massive MIMO to deliver best-in-class 5G performance.
  • How to target and engage with top telecommunications leaders, enterprise decision makers and industry analysts to effectively communicate the benefits of its network solutions offerings.

CMG’s decades of experience in strategic marketing, communications and digital strategies allowed us to develop customized, industry-focused campaigns focusing on mobile operator’s needs to deliver 5G and next-generation networks quicker and more cost-effective than competitors. The project team continues to deliver from concept/launch to final communication recommendations that reinforce Samsung’s industry-leading performance including:

1. Social Channel Segmentation – Establishing segmented channel strategy to provide differentiated value for each platform.

2. Engagement Optimization – Delivering maximum engagement utilizing best practices and data-driven learnings.

3. Targeted Channel Growth – Increasing awareness  and engagement with core audience targets.

Our client-focused approach found that Tier 1 operators  needed to understand the benefits to partnering with Samsung as the only network equipment manufacturer that offers 5G end-to-end solutions with a trusted global supply chain. By integrating CMG’s recommendations of social channel segmentation, engagement optimization, and targeted channel growth, Samsung has experienced an average 44% annual channel growth rate in engagements per post, cultivating a social presence that drives higher average  engagement compared to competitor channels and consistent engagement with industry analysts to increase coverage of Samsung Networks.

"CMG has been a strategic partner helping to establish the marketing framework and content for Samsung's 5G launch. By creating and promoting relevant content, CMG was able to help establish Samsung's market leadership position and build our social channels which reach our target segments in a cost-effective and successful manner.”

- Derek Johnston, Head of Marketing, Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America