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Digital Capabilities to Better Discover, Engage and Transact with Customers

Building a multi-year activation roadmap to a digital future state

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Philips Lighting
‍Develop digital capabilities to meet customer expectations and stand out in the market
Two successful digital marketing acceleration pilots and more complete integration into the overall business

Philips Lighting NA needed to develop its digital capabilities in order to differentiate itself from the competition and meet evolving customer expectations on both B2B and B2C sides of the business. Specifically, they needed to develop a digital marketing strategy to help:

  • Develop an understanding of current digital marketing, sales, and service capabilities
  • Identify capability gaps based on business needs
  • Develop a digital marketing, sales, and service roadmap

Our experience and expertise in building actionable strategies combined with the ability to understand Philips’s marketing and sales organizations in both B2B and B2C environments, allowed us to effectively partner with Leadership to build and activate the strategy they were seeking.  

We took a 4-step approach that started with hypothesis development and progressed to activation.

  1. Business Objective Mapping & HypothesisDevelopment: Identified NA and Global business goals and the key drivers to business success. Completed an analysis of key constituents and their demands across digital platforms. Defined Philips Lighting’s future digital state.
  1. Inside-out & Outside-in Perspectives: Analyzed digital maturity, competitor landscape, and key constituent’s buying journey to identify existing gaps.
  1. Digital Strategy: Prioritized and sequenced development of digital capabilities. Outlined key dependencies and prerequisites. Identified resource requirements.
  1. Strategy Activation: Defined detailed digital initiatives and sequenced into multi-year activation roadmap. Defined operating model and created immediate 90-day activation plan

Ultimately in activating the plan, we launched two digital acceleration pilots, identified $250k in lost monthly revenue due to cart abandonment, and generated over $200k in sales over a 10-day period - a level that traditionally took 3 months to generate.

In addition, the structure and processes we helped put in place allowed for deeper digital marketing integration, increased partnership in the annual planning process and identified support needs for ongoing digital efforts.