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From Strategy to Execution in New Revenue Stream Development

Developing clear and actionable insights to guide a new business market entry decision

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National MSO
Develop a clear and actionable assessment of a new business area to drive fact-based decisions on opportunity size and market entry
Confident decision by the client to enter the cloud services business and expand its level of engagement among business customers

Our client sought to evaluate a potential business opportunity in the cloud services market. To assess the opportunity feasibility the strategy and business operations team needed to gain a clear understanding of consumer adoption of cloud services.  

  • How does it vary by customer segment?
  • How does awareness and consideration impact adoption?
  • How well does brand, distribution, and operating model align to market expectations?

Our experience and ability to assess new markets and develop primary, actionable insights that de-risk opportunities in new markets was a natural fit for what was in front on our client.

Initially we took an outside-in approach by developing an overall market assessment through the lens of customers, competitors, capabilities, and current dynamics. With this assessment, we were able to drive learnings and insights for the internal team as well as shape the primary research objectives and surveys.

We performed qualitative interviews followed by quantitative research to identify and segment dimensions including cloud adoption and intention, how customers are using the cloud, un-met needs in current cloud service offerings, and brand and provider preferences.

The insights gained helped our client develop and execute its cloud services strategy. Based in part on the power and clarity of these insights, our client entered the cloud services market through an acquisition that they are expanding through new points of distribution.