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Developing a Powerful Segmentation Framework for a Global Social Media Company

Removing customer guesswork by leveraging a new market segmentation approach

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Global Social Media Company
Removing customer guesswork by leveraging a new way of segmenting this company's markets, to identify the most attractive priorities for new initiatives and investments
Segmentation approach was as an integral part of 2021 planning, and is being considered more broadly in the organization as a prioritization tool to focus new investments and initiatives

Our client is focused on how to best identify the most attractive segments in their business, in order to optimize  investments, energy, and effort of multiple teams. This social media client had a significant volume of relevant data, but looked to CMG for guidance on how to organize and synthesize the data into insights, and develop a practical and evidence-based segmentation of their global audience.

CMG supported three major workstreams in this segmentation-based engagement:

1. Understanding the client’s users / audience

2. Developing logical and practical segments based on relevant common experiences

3. Iterating and refining the segments based on feedback

To accomplish this work and maximize our client's experience and learnings, CMG utilized a “work with” approach, collaborating in daily stand-ups to brainstorm, share ideas, and progress across the three core workstreams. Working closely with the client contributed to real-time feedback and learnings that accelerated the project timeline, bringing it down to just 3 months.

Another advantage of the “work with” approach is the client’s ownership of our process. CMG shared not only outputs, but a step-by-step of how we performed the work, ensuring the client has the hands-on experience to replicate the process moving forward. This enabled them to update and adapt the segmentation approach as their audiences evolve moving forward.

Recently completed, the approach we utilized is being integrated into our client’s 2021 planning process and will shape the team’s approach to investments and priorities next year, and in years to come.