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Why Your Next Digital Marketing Strategy is Far More than Just Tools

Digital tools and technology are only as effective as the digital strategy and plan for execution defined.
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I recently attended the CONNECT CMO Fall Leadership Summit in Chicago and, not surprisingly, digital marketing was a topic of discussion. In fact, three of the five content tracks either directly or indirectly touched on the topic – from digital transformation and content strategy to marketing technology and innovation.

At a high level, digital marketing encompasses all the ways marketers connect, engage, and influence prospects and customers via their electronic devices or the Internet. As you’ll see in the graphic below, businesses leverage a variety of digital channels to do this.

And, at the center of all this activity are prospects and customers. So, an encapsulation of your digital marketing efforts might look something like the graphic included above the headline.

Planning and Executing Your Next Digital Marketing Initiative

Digital tools and technology are only as effective as the digital strategy and plan for execution defined. To ensure that you’ve developed a sound plan for execution, here are four key to-dos to develop your digital marketing strategy.

1. Define Your Objectives

What do you want to achieve? Increased awareness. Lead generation. User retention. All of these are possible objectives. Define the objective of your initiative and then establish measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) toward which to gauge success.

2. Develop Your Marketing Channels

Identify the specific digital channels that will most efficiently and effectively engage the target audience. You don’t have to include every channel listed in the graphic above, but you do want a robust portfolio of technologies overseen by a capable marketing team leveraging solid processes to support ongoing management.

3. Engage Your Audience

Develop and implement those tactics that will deliver increased engagement with your product or service among key buyer persona groups. This will allow you to know your audience by building personas that define the target audience through a buyers journey.

4. Measure and Optimize

How do we gauge success and enable continuous improvement once our campaign has launched? Through measurement and optimization of course! Be sure to monitor web and mobile visitation, social and content engagement, usability statistics, and more.

When properly planned and executed, digital marketing initiatives can transform your marketing strategy and yield an incremental ROI as compared to traditional channels.