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What is Brand Activation?

Discussing the "how" for activating your brand
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CMG professionals have deep expertise delivering brand-activation services that help you create a brand platform that is the foundation for the implementation of an integrated marketing strategy. Following in-depth discovery examining the market, competition, and areas of opportunity, we partner with you to create, launch, and maintain a brand that drives leads and revenue.

Create a Brand Beacon

Brand activation is not a singular service or entity. It’s any and every campaign, marketing asset, event, and experience that touches your target audience and creates awareness and loyalty. Effective brand activation makes you stand above the crowd and gives people something they’ve been waiting to see and hear. It’s about reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. And leaving a memorable and favorable impression of who you are and why you’re the best option.

When done right, the best brand-activation strategies create enthusiasm that prompts consumers to seek you out. Don’t believe it? Visit a local Starbucks, stop by an Apple store, or visit

How CMG Will Activate Your Brand

1. We Listen – Tell us who you think you are today, and who you’d ultimately like to become.

2. We Learn – We’ll evaluate your industry, identify your prime target audience(s), and evaluate where your competitors are – and aren’t – playing.

3. We Develop – We’ll create a brand architecture that communicates your competitive differentiators based on what is important to your targeted customers.

4. We Evangelize – We’ll help you get internal people on your side as brand ambassadors to help ensure your new brand is supported from within.

5. We Activate – We’ll partner with you to activate and drive brand adoption across multiple touch points. And we’ll create a brand-activation strategy that will serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts, including digital marketing, integrated marketing, experiential marketing, product marketing, and marketing communications.