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To show what is possible with using AI to produce content marketing assets, we have used AI to write this blog post.
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Russ Lange


A fervent believer in the promise of human powered growth, Russ leads CMG in partnering with companies to help them become aligned, agile, customer-driven enterprises that unleash the potential of their organizations with sustainable improvements in focus, teams, culture, and process our clients.

About The Author

Mark Chinn


Mark leads CMG in partnering with Telecom companies to help them increase customers and accelerate revenue. His 25+ years of experience in growth, strategy and execution includes B2C and B2B multi-channel acquisition programs, customer experiences that surprise and delight, pricing that optimizes customer value, and innovative product development.

Human-written background: with recent advances in artificial intelligence, marketers are increasingly able to leverage AI for everything from segmentation to personalization. AI is also beginning to be used for the development of marketing assets, including landing page copy, ad copy, and even blog posts that have gone viral. To show what is possible with using AI to produce content marketing assets, we have used AI to write the blog post below. The only parts of this post written by a human are the subheadings and any text shown in italics.

Recent advances in AI have made it possible for computer algorithms to generate content that is nearly indistinguishable from human-written text.

Recently, OpenAI created a generative adversarial network(GAN) that generates new blog posts by predicting what the next sentence will be and writing it out based on how well this sentence matches previous sentences in the document. The GAN can also identify phrases or words and automatically insert them into the article.

Human-written paragraph: The particular AI content marketing software I am using to write this post, Headline, wrote the first paragraph of this blog post. However, it then asked me to write a bit more before it used AI to continue writing for me. The rest of the blog post has written entirely by AI, except for the subheadings.

Computer algorithms have now reached a point where they can write content with reasonable quality. However, so far this type of technology has been limited to generating sentences or paragraphs, and not whole blog posts.

Will AI write better blog posts than humans?

It is hard to say if AI will be able to write better blog posts than humans. A study published in March by the Pew Research Center shows that 64% of Americans have high confidence in computer algorithms and only 32% have high confidence in humans when it comes to writing content for blogs, articles, landing pages, or ads. However, this was a survey conducted before OpenAI released its neural text generator called GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2).

Will AI be able to beat humans at SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The answer to this question is that it is difficult to say at the moment. This was not an area of study conducted by Pew Research Center, but in general, a computer algorithm could be capable of generating more content than a human being and also constantly creating new content for search engine optimization.

Do People Care If They Read an Article Written By AI Rather than a human?

The answer to this question is that there is no way of knowing what the reader's preference would be. If a computer can generate content at a rate greater than humans, many people may find it difficult to keep up with their reading list if they read only one article per day and not multiple articles in one sitting.

Should you invest your marketing budget into AI to help you generate content?

Many companies have invested their marketing budget into AIin order to generate content for themselves. It can be difficult to know if this is the right move as a human, but luckily algorithms do not share the sesame doubts and anxieties.

The article written by AI does not appear more or less interesting than articles written by humans based on keyword usage alone (keywords like "AI" and "content marketing").