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July 12, 2022

Look Inward to Look Outward: Transform Your Customer Experience

We’ve all heard “change comes from within” but what does that really mean for your organization?
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Every Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok post around New Year’s talks about “change from within” and while it may feel trite to say, it’s common for a reason.

Because it’s true.

To change anything, you need to address the root of the problem. So, CMG asks you, what is at the root of your customer experience challenges? Have you looked within your organization to find out?

Customer Experience Transformation Starts with Your Employees

Changing the look of your website or posting more on social media is not customer experience improvement. Culture needs to shift. DNA needs to mutate. Overhauling your teams, communication strategies, and engagement is intimidating and time consuming, but customer experience is crucial and needs to be taken seriously at a cultural level.

But, how?

1.   Evaluate how personality and differing job roles convey influence.

CMG is no stranger to CX-DNA transformation, and we have seen them fail at all stages. One of the major reasons for failure is the lack of buy-in at all levels. Do not fall into the trap of the top down CX activation approach to craft messages your audience does not want to hear and your team does not want to deliver. Know your buyer. Know your team.

In today’s ever-changing market, personality is the difference between surviving and thriving.

2.   Communicate with precision.

Today, every consumer has an inauthenticity meter. Your employees have an even more sensitive inauthenticity meter. It is essential that communication is consistent and genuine. To keep delivering precise messaging, you must analyze your internal audience for its level of influence and be able to convey messages with programs that are helpful, meaningful, and relevant to each person’s particular role in CX.

Who is your CX Change Agent? How do they engage?

3. Engage beyond communication.

For exceptional customer experience, you cannot choose the easy way out in communication or recruiting efforts. Exceptional performance requires exceptional effort. A new CX DNA needs to be continually infused into company culture to enhance the delivery of high performance and continuous improvement in CX at all levels.

The first step in becoming exceptional is a deep understanding of your company’s customer impact. Carry out your company’s new CX focus with CMG. We exist to convert possibility into awareness and understanding into results.

If you want to learn more, take our 10-minute ThriveNumber™ Assessment that quantifies your organization’s potential to reach its long-term objectives.

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