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Best Practices For Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is designed to help companies overcome hurdles and reach their potential.
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Navigating the ever-changing marketing landscape can be tricky. Agile Marketing is designed to help companies overcome hurdles and reach their potential. However, a recent Forbes article titled, “Applying Agile Methodology To Marketing Can Pay Dividends: Survey,” concluded that of the 63% of marketing leaders stating agility was a top priority, while only 40% could call themselves truly agile.

Why not try something new to improve your marketing performance? Training your company with Agile Marketing strategies makes navigating the digital landscape easy through a more iterative, customer-driven approach.

Marketing has been through significant changes in the last ten years. Since its inception nearly a decade ago as a solution for software development, the Agile method has evolved beyond development to help marketing teams reach their potential.

In fact, over 63% of business leaders credit agile as a priority in their daily operations. Agile Marketing training helps companies take control of their organization, company culture, and resources through team-oriented efforts that can results in significant improvements in both customer experiences and profits.

With new technology, social media, and data-driven analysis playing such a key role in business growth, Agile Marketing helps companies keep up with new trends, stay focused on their bottom line, and keep their customers’ attention.

A recent Forbes article cites that of the 63% of marketing leaders rallying around the benefits of Agile Marketing, only 40% are actually using it correctly. Agile Marketing training helps your company more easily identify new marketing opportunities, use technology in efficient ways, and improve overall company performance.

Expert Training in Agile Marketing | A Holistic Approach

Our customized Agile for Marketing A4M™ training program is designed to help businesses be more efficient. Adopting an agile mindset includes rejecting the top-down approach to business management, and instead focusing on organization and operations alignment to find the best solutions.

Implementing Agile Marketing training means leaving no stone unturned and taking a holistic approach to reaching efficiency.

What Does CMG A4M Training Include?

A solid agile marketing training program shouldn’t be difficult. Your time is important. You have a business to run after all. Our finely tuned training program is designed to work with your schedule and includes:

  • An Introduction to the A4M mindset and methodology
  • Best practices and the secrets to success
  • Understanding that change comes from within
  • Customized, level-specific presentations and exercises
  • The objectives and benefits of an agile method
  • Improving your business through 8 principles
  • Team building strategies and leadership responsibilities
  • Estimating and prioritizing the marketing backlog
  • Budgeting

Upon completion of your Agile Marketing training, you’ll be ready to implement changes to your company and start down the road to success. Being the best means getting your great ideas into the market quickly and evaluating results. A successful Agile Marketing campaign means experimenting and repeating again and again until you get the results you need (or trying something else).

Get Agile

At CMG, we stand alone as both marketing experts and agile experts. Since 1998, our strategic market consultants have been revolutionizing business with some of the largest media and communications brands around, with over $1 billion in revenue. Our hands-on approach has led CMOs and company employees to realize their true market potential.