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November 20, 2020

6 Strategies to Improve Customer Centricity

Strategies to help establish connections between customers and the brands they love.
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Customer intimacy strategies establish connections between customers and the brands they love. A personalized customer experience will result in loyalty, organic marketing, and increased ROIs.

Customer intimacy strategies are numerous, and creating a multi-channel approach can result in increased productivity by 22% or more. Listed below are six popular strategies for achieving excellent customer intimacy.

In a competitive digital marketplace, operational excellence depends on a firm customer intimacy strategy. Customer intimacy can be improved anywhere from within an organization to external marketing. By combining multiple strategies, companies can raise increase customer loyalty, bolster productivity by 22% or more, and see record ROIs. Here are several strategies designed to increase customer intimacy.

Any successful CMO or marketing director will tell you his or her strategy for success revolves around listening to customers’ needs and wants. Customer intimacy depends on strengthening the values between your customer and your brand. In the digital marketplace, there are many solutions to gaining customer loyalty and increase profits at the same time. Cross-channel integration of any of these six marketing strategies will help you boost productivity by 22% and grow your business.

1. Increasing Customer Touchpoints

In the digital marketing age, there are new ways to reach your customers every day. The more opportunities to interact with customers, the better.  Here are several examples of traditional and digital touchpoints that will help to grow customer intimacy:

  • Sale papers
  • Customer service
  • Call centers
  • Direct mail
  • Emails
  • Apps
  • Blogs and content
  • Search engine queries
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Sponsors
  • Mobile messaging
  • SMS
  • Store or Facility appearance
  • Packaging
  • Employees

2. Customer Service Management

Service is the key to earning customer loyalty. Consistent and quality service, quick response times, and open channels of communication result in better customer experiences and potential increases in sales exceeding 300%. When customers know they’re important, it shows.

3. Social Networking

Bring that personal touch to your platform by linking your business to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Customers can directly respond to events and promotions, share your brand with their contacts, and generate excitement in others about your products and services.

4. Data Integration

As customers engage with products and services, companies can gather data to better serve their needs. Surveys, email campaigns, and cross-promotional social events can help fine-tune customer targeting and segmentation. The more focused a campaign becomes, the more customers will feel connected to the brand.

5. Management Solutions and Leadership

Your CMO has a prime spot as a leader in driving customer intimacy initiatives. Working with strategic consultants allows for team-building across an organization. With clearly defined roles and objectives, it’s easier to serve customers and delegate responsibilities.

6. Rewarding Employees

Forget the old top-down approach to marketing strategies. Highly engaged employees at any level that are excited about your products and services should be rewarded. Enthusiasm strategies like spiff programs, incentive programs, and bonuses not only motivate employees, but it gets them more involved with decision making and product familiarity. Customer intimacy revolves around employee knowledge at every touchpoint.

Your Customer Intimacy Strategy Partners

At CMG, we are dedicated to working with you to engage your customers, strengthen your company culture, and build a better marketing strategy geared toward customer intimacy. We work with CMOs to perform a holistic checkup for your business to make sure everyone in all departments is heard. This leads to better organization, more efficient processes, happier employees, and higher ROI opportunities.

For companies looking to move up and to the right with customer intimacy strategy, contact CMG strategic marketing consultants today.