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August 15, 2022

4 Benefits of an Agile Marketing Plan

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It’s time to adopt an agile marketing mindset to keep up with and take advantage of changes in the market.
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August 15, 2022

Russ Lange


A fervent believer in the promise of human powered growth, Russ leads CMG in partnering with companies to help them become aligned, agile, customer-driven enterprises that unleash the potential of their organizations with sustainable improvements in focus, teams, culture, and process our clients.

About The Author

Mark Chinn


Mark leads CMG in partnering with Telecom companies to help them increase customers and accelerate revenue. His 25+ years of experience in growth, strategy and execution includes B2C and B2B multi-channel acquisition programs, customer experiences that surprise and delight, pricing that optimizes customer value, and innovative product development.

To really benefit in marketing, it requires a strategic process with sharp, data-driven planning. Here at CMG, we work with an agile, unified approach to leadership and teamwork. Using Agile Marketing, we help craft company marketing plans that align priorities to business objectives— so teams can effectively transform, grow, and thrive.

Crafting a strategic marketing plan for your company helps you set and achieve realistic business objectives, all while enabling your team to adapt to changes in the market and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Agile Marketing helps Chief Marketing Officers and directors prioritize growth and evolve as the business climate changes. CMG can help unleash your potential and help develop accurate, attainable goals for your business.

Marketing directors, VPs, and CMOs execute corporate marketing strategies by crafting effective marketing plans with data-driven, measurable business goals. As a business leader, it’s time to adopt an agile marketing mindset to keep up with and take advantage of changes in the market. Let’s produce a company marketing plan that is sure to deliver benefits.

Adopting an Agile Approach to a Company Marketing Plan

A company marketing plan is a product-specific, market-specific, or company-wide strategic program that outlines the necessary steps to achieve marketing goals within a specific timeframe. CMOs and VPs are familiar with the benefits of marketing plans; however, applying Agile Marketing practices to create and execute that plan may pose a new challenge.

What is the agile advantage? Today, CMOs have a choice– be agile and adapt to the market by focusing on data-driven tests or follow the status quo and be left behind. Agile for Marketing (A4M™) represents a mindset and methods that manage change and foster cross-functional collaboration— all instrumental to creating an effective marketing plan. A4M aims to keep reality-based goal setting at the forefront, creating mini projects out of long-term deliverables for continuous improvement and faster response to market changes.

The Rewards and Benefits of Effective Marketing Strategies

There are a variety of benefits that come with designing and implementing a successful company marketing plan, some of the most prominent include:

  • Marketing plans give your company a North Star to follow. When you employ a marketing plan, your goals and expectations, as well as how to achieve them, are clearly outlined for everyone onboard.
  • Company marketing plans give you a clear, shared path. This direction will help the different elements of your business model work in unison to reach common goals.
  • Planning gives your company an instruction manual for success. With a solid marketing plan in place, everyone in your business will know exactly what the goals are and what is expected of them to get there.
  • Marketing plans help you see the big picture. A flexible yet clearly outlined strategy for your company, will keep you out of the weeds and focused on major decisions.

The agile advantage is simple: teams are jointly accountable; CMOs and VPs are aligned on priorities; and there is a clear mission in sight. People are marching together in the same direction, upward and to the right. Pair that with a solid strategic marketing plan and you’re on track to gain a whole new perspective. Our dynamic and pragmatic team of strategic consultants are absolutely dedicated to creating growth through agile marketing, brand building, and strategic development and implementation. Let us be the architects of your next big idea and together, let’s thrive.