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How  Mature   Is Your Marketing Organization?


In 15-20 minutes, we can help you identify opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing organization.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5


We use a combination of assessments and mapping exercises to identify where your organization falls on this continuum in your current state, and why. This involves deep-diving into the enterprise and the organization’s core customer engagement components:

  • People and Agility
  • Marketing Insight and Analytics
  • Readiness and Process
  • Activation and Execution
  • Technology

Each of these interdependent components provide insight into the way the organization works to accomplish its goals, and how it supports the broader business, engaging with peer functions, leadership, and shared services.


Each organization has a level of accountability to its peers in the business and its customers, which is required for success, and maximizing the organization's inputs and outputs, effectively and efficiently.  

Every organization or marketing group shouldn’t be striving for an innovative level of maturity (5). Business requirements, organizational design, culture, customer focus, and capabilities all help determine, along with the customer engagement components listed above, where an organization should be along the five levels.

This Maturity assessment is meant to be a starting point in understanding where you currently stand and prompt the questions of what a future state could look like for you.


“This exercise is critical to understanding the kind of marketing organization we are today - so that we can decide what kind of marketing organization we need to be, and use that as our North Star to guide our collective actions & priorities as a leadership group.”

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