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Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is the set of practices that allow organizations to align on consumer-centric value delivery. Driven by Agile methodologies, CMG's approach to modern marketing helps organizations across verticals get started in developing the evidence-based approach to value delivery with marketing catalyzing growth.

Modern marketing organizations are focused on delivering consumer value by learning. They strive to understand their consumer’s personas, behaviors, and experiences - beyond segmentation - so they can identify opportunities to create better value at every stage of their customer journeys.

The combination of persona creation, customer journey mapping, and value gap mapping allow modern marketers to create the learning agenda and experiments needed to realize customer and organization value.

What is in the white paper?

  • Defining modern marketing and tools
  • Defining Customer Value: Introduction to personas, journeys, and value gap maps
  • Rapid Learning and Experimentation: Learning agendas, experimentation / testing template, and marketing measurement
  • Templates for your team to develop your own personas, journeys, value gap maps, and more to harness the power of modern marketing

Who are we?

CMG is a strategic consulting firm that partners with enterprise leaders to enable their potential to transform, grow, and thrive. Through dedicated learning, passion for results, and bias for action, we commit to uncovering the best ideas and understanding how they enable your success. With decades of experience in analytics & insights, marketing & technology, and ways of working, we provide a perspective on the importance of truly customer-centric organizations, how to get there, and how it will provide the capabilities for sustainable improved outcomes.  

Modern Marketing in Action:

A mid-sized telecom company turned to CMG to better understand enterprise clients’ behavior in order to make critical go-to-market decisions in the areas of product management and development, marketing, and sales. CMG developed a plan to achieve the depth of insights needed to understand the consumer experience at each stage in their buying process. As part of this plan, CMG recommended both qualitative and quantitative research, which CMG performed directly. The qualitative research went deep into the customer  experience across the purchase process to identify wants, needs, and buying triggers through the customer journey. Following the read-out, the product and marketing team integrated the recommendations into a comprehensive product roadmap and marketing strategy. Read more about our solutions here.

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A global healthcare technology organization realized their lack of customer centricity was hurting their performance. CMG partner with this organization to create four distinct personas to represent the emotional needs of their customers. These personas paved the way for personalized campaigns, landing pages, and tremendous upswing in customer engagement.

Download our full white paper on Modern Marketing.

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