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It Started With A Willingness To Change

Using transparency to usher in change across the organization

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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Trying to keep up with a rapidly changing market while not forgetting about the customer
Confident with results after 3 months, an organization of 50,000 adopt an agile mindset and methodology.

ANZ, a leading financial services provider in Australia and New Zealand, recognized its digital transformation efforts were falling behind in a rapidly changing market. Its Wealth Management group leadership sought a path forward to enhance the customer experience, build capabilities within the marketing team, increase brand awareness and consideration, and therefore improve marketing-influenced sales.

We partnered with ANZ to help a newly built centralized agile transformation team establish an agile marketing architecture and operating system that kept the customer at the center of all activities. The team used the operating system to enable transparency in how they work and grow support for change across the organization.

Change started with three pilot teams to develop agile learning and focus on the customer mindset. Second, we applied these learnings to support all team members (200+ marketers plus external agencies) in on-boarding and developing, which allowed them to grow a deep-rooted understanding of ANZ customers through ongoing experimentation.

Impact was felt in just 3 months into launch :

  • 80% of the team members agreeing that agile brought value to the way they personally work
  • 42% improvement in the integration of the teams (working better together, being more collaborative and accountable)
  • 16% improvement in efficiently getting to market

18 months later, a commitment was made to adopt an agile mindset and methodology across the 50,000-person parent company.