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Techniques for Effective Facilitation

Leading with emotional intelligence and driving outcomes through effective facilitation.

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North Carolina Healthcare Insurer
A team of marketing project managers was looking to develop the skills and capabilities to more effectively facilitate meetings and conversations that lead to improved outcomes.
Enhanced leadership, communications, and organizational skills to drive results.

The Marketing Operations team at this major North Carolina Healthcare Insurer observed opportunities to improve collaboration and the effectiveness of meetings and develop strategies for facilitating challenging conversations.  

Given their unique concerns, CMG developed a custom 6-hour training covering effective facilitation techniques and strategies to enhance team collaboration and stakeholder engagement.  

The training included:  

  • Impactful Facilitation
  • Creating Clarity & Defining Actionable Action Items
  • Creating Alignment
  • Effective Reviews
  • Emotional Intelligence for PM Leadership

The six-hour session included both training and break-out activities facilitated by the CMG Ways of Working team. The team pulled from their experience running technical and non-technical projects across various F500 companies in diverse industries.

Here is what members of the team had to say about the training:  

  • “I’m really questioning the need for many of our team meetings. Considering the outcome we are trying to obtain is a great way to guide the meeting agenda.”
  • “The six hats exercise really challenged my perspectives and got me asking questions I never would have thought of.”
  • “This training reminds me to make a conscious effort to make time for the meaningful conversations that drive results.”  
  • 40% of those surveyed said they learned new skills they could use right away

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