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Real-Time Optimizations in a Global, Digital Marketing Plan

Defining and executing a dynamic marketing plan from end to end to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

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Live Sports Streaming Video Provider
Design and execute the key marketing relationships, functions, and activities necessary to successfully grow the business with efficiency
Drove multiple annual acquisition cost and sales volume improvements relative to plan resulting in ongoing successful multi-year partnership

After acquiring the international live streaming rights for a prominent sports league, our client was faced with the task of establishing a new organization and developing and executing an international marketing plan that would acquire and retain subscribers. Our client required a partner with a proven expertise in subscriber model marketing as well as the ability to establish a marketing team and bring to life a digital-based marketing plan.

We were able to leverage our extensive experience in this space to hit the ground running. We partnered with the client to leverage their customer data to inform our strategic pricing and promotion proposals and implement them with a “test and learn” approach. The global reach of the streaming rights demanded a Media Agency partner that could deliver at that scale. We managed an RFP process to identify a partner that would be able to successfully bring the digital-marketing plan to life throughout 180+ countries.

The plan that was developed relied heavily on digital capabilities to deliver segmented creative to the right audience at the right time. Our in-depth tracking and analytic measurement allowed the team to continually assess the data and optimize the message, segments and timing throughout the season.

The marketing leadership and support we were able to deliver allowed our client to grow customers and reduce acquisition costs annually utilizing an approach based on efficiency-improving analytics and focused decisions.