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Leveraging Strategic Pricing to Drive Membership Revenue

Insight driven pricing analytics maximizes membership revenue while minimizing member attrition

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National Association
Seeking to double its membership revenue base over a 5-year period, a National Association turned to CMG to help identify specific opportunities to leverage membership pricing to achieve that goal
A value-based pricing strategy that drove: +40% membership revenue increase, membership acquisition increase of +10%, retention improvement +3%

A national association supporting over 90% of Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of non-profit associations was challenged by their Board to double membership revenue over the course of the next five years. Leveraging insights developed from member analysis, qualitative, and quantitative research, CMG developed pricing recommendations designed to deliver on the revenue challenge by addressing membership acquisition, retention, average revenue per member.

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with accounts that surfaced specific, benefit-driven pain points and unmet needs across the member base
  • Built a robust member analysis and an “inside-out” view that identified the most valued and used services and benefits
  • Leveraged a discrete choice model to isolate member value attribution, benefit utilization and determined potential price opportunities: Floors and Ceilings matching value to membership fees, event fees and educational fees
  • Developed a multi-faceted pricing strategy and approach to deliver the doubling of the association’s topline revenue growth from membership, events and education opportunities
  • Constructed a detailed financial model to illustrate the effect of new membership pricing on acquisition, retention, and renewal activity
  • Positioning and executional approach for activation