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Introducing an Online Marketplace to a Traditional B2B Audience

Developing an integrated  marketing plan to drive awareness, interest and trial for a new platform as a service offering

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Insurance Provider
Assessing needs of the market, capabilities of the client, and points of competitive differentiation - develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan that entices a less technically-oriented audience to become users of a new PaaS online marketplace.
Client approved integrated strategy and detailed go-to-market plan for implementation. Client extended CMG’s engagement to support current efforts to stand up launch effort through the early autumn of ’20.

Our client’s customer base was impacted by the massive disruption of the retail industry caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The time was right to launch an online marketplace platform the client had been developing over the past year. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) was designed to bring best-in-class partners together to offer the target audiences a common technology infrastructure that will seamlessly connect a broad range of financial and industry-related products, and position our client as the industry leader.

Our work with the client encompassed two major initiatives:

  1. Communications Strategy
  2. Go-to-MarketPlan 

To craft the Communications Strategy we interviewed key stakeholders, leveraged primary research, conducted deep-dives into the product roadmap and assessed existing communication plans. We developed prospect personas, customer journeys and messaging matrices by channel.

The Go-to-Market plan required we identify optimal means for reaching a tech-adverse audience in a remote working environment. The plan employs both analogue and digital tactics, a marquee launch event, and a robust nurture campaign to convert interest into transaction. Of equal importance, the plan identifies the KPIs that will be tracked in order to provide metrics against which to measure improvement over time.

The plan is currently being activated with a cross-organization effort. CMG is serving as the launch manager, driving activity across a dozen work-streams, including several key outside partners.