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Key Performance Drivers and Historical Trends in Targeted Industries

Building, conducting and leveraging primary research to inform in-depth industry reports

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Leverage primary industry research to develop actionable insights to help Deltek increase awareness and consideration for its software solutions
The 41st Annual Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Study and the 11th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Industry Study, highlighted key performance metrics and isolated historical trends that will shape these industries going forward

Deltek, a project management software provider, annually conducts in-depth research illuminating key performance drivers and historical trends in the Architecture & Engineering and Government Contracting industries. Historically a significant internal effort, given its size and scope, Deltek was seeking a new partner to both refine and improve the primary research design, while elevating the analysis of the outputs and applying more comprehensive project management skills to smooth the execution of both studies.

For each study, CMG approached the project in 5 distinct phases:

  • Discovery: We assisted in the shaping of project goals & objectives using best practices and our experience designing and executing marketing research solutions that inform B2B marketing decision-making.
  • Survey Design: Leveraging previous versions of Clarity surveys, we constructed robust questionnaires which were designed to enhance the insights achieved in each industry while reducing complexity and lowering the amount of time needed for participants to complete the exercise.
  • Survey Fielding: We developed a process to manage outreach to existing Deltek customers and prospects within each target industry, customizing outreach messaging for distinct segments, performed A/B testing to identify potential response drivers (sender, subject line, message copy, etc.), facilitated updating of outreach lists by tracking and updating those lists with survey completes, provided reporting on completes by source to ensure Deltek maintained visibility of traffic driven by partners, and ensured visibility to completes within each survey section versus previous years.
  • Analysis & Insight Development: We analyzed survey response data to isolate key learnings within each survey section and developed statistical analyses to identify potential relationships between survey questions for targeted segments. Additionally, CMG designed dynamic survey response dashboards and hosted full-day client research output sessions with key internal stakeholders to review survey response data and begin the process of drafting each Clarity report.
  • Clarity Report Development: We analyzed vast amounts of survey response data and translated it into comprehensive narratives which us to partner with the Deltek stakeholders to focus each report on the most-compelling and actionable insights available for both current and prospective clients.

Both Clarity reports were launched via kick off events and will be leveraged throughout the year by Deltek Marketing and Product Management teams to continue to develop impactful content for deep dive webinars, client outreach, conferences, and other industry events.