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Agile Marketing

Transforming marketing mindset and methodology to deliver new levels of customer and commercial value

Turn Marketing Outside-In

Something’s wrong. It’s hard to tell which components of product, pricing, processes, martech, and people are misfiring – but your check-engine light is on. Your teams are working as they always have, but the efficiency, innovation, and results just aren’t there.

Even if you do have the right people and pieces, you likely need a new marketing approach. One that empowers you to consistently deliver the only thing that really matters – customer-defined value. That’s agile marketing. And we can help you achieve it by transforming the way you think and work.

However you define value, it comes from your customers. Transform the way you work to place customer value first in everything you do.

Think Agile.
Be Agile.

Benefit-oriented marketing just scratches the surface. Agile marketing is a paradigm shift that moves customer value from the intended product of your efforts to the guiding principle of everything you think and do. Adopting this customer-first mindset, agile marketing organizations realize better value for the enterprise, improving performance and achieving market potential.

Evaluate. Implement. Learn. Improve.

Agile marketing makes customer-value delivery the driver of every decision and action across the organization.

Beyond Thinking.

Thinking agile marketing is one thing. Making it your central nervous system is another. Using a strategic methodology to define value and identifying ways to maximize it, we empower you to bring agile marketing to life throughout your organization. And we take the journey with you. Coaching you on how to change the status quo to help people live and breathe customer-value creation.

Our Approach

Realizing sustainable positive change requires more than a playbook, an all-hands meeting, or some posters in the break room. Our team comprises strategic marketing leaders who understand how to execute the agile road map within complex organizations.

Whether you want to dip a toe in and experience wins on a smaller scale, or dive in and fully transform your whole marketing organization, we’ll tailor our five-step adoption process to deliver on your intentions. And we don’t just show you the path and wish you luck – we join and guide you on the journey.

Where do you rank on the agile marketing readiness scale?

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"CMG did a really good job of getting to the heart of the challenge we're trying to tackle. It's not just that we're changing the way we work—we wanted to change the culture."

Amanda Paull
VP of Marketing, Extensis

"The team feels more accountable, has better visibility, and feels more informed and aligned on the reason we're doing things"

Agile Marketing Client

See Why Your Peers and Competitors Are Talking About Agile Marketing

Our Expertise.
Your Advantage.

Helping clients generate $1B+ in revenue, CMG is one of the first consulting firms to apply agile principles to marketing. We’ve grounded our expertise in research with leading chief marketing officers and agile practitioners to ensure that we continually deliver value. Whether you’re an emerging company or a Fortune 500 organization, we can help you realize the mindset and methodology needed to become customer focused, performance driven, and collaborative.


The Agile Mindset

Part 1

Through exclusive interviews with 40+ CMO's, learn how adopting an agile mindset enables marketing teams to succeed.


The Agile Methodology

Part 2

Mindset is only half the battle. Learn how adopting agile practices in the way your team works can lead to improved performance.